The Department of Economics and the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of the Peloponnese present the first postgraduate program in Greece specialized in Computational Finance.

Computational finance is a cross-disciplinary field, focusing on applying advanced computation methods to finance. This typically includes:

  • Using advanced data management techniques for studying problems in economics and finance.
  • Enabling the formulation of "what-if" questions, and subsequently constructing relevant models and solving them by employing modeling techniques and problem solving methods from the computer science domain.

The goal of the MSc program is to offer to its students advanced education in Computational Finance, exploring both the theoretical and the practical aspects. The students of the MSc programme acquire knowledge and skills for a range of careers, including structured products, financial analytics and quantitative portfolio management, IT services for financial products and counseling.

The MSc program accepts applications from graduates of Greek and accredited non-Greek universities, with a specialization in finance, economics, sciences and technology, engineering and related subjects. Graduates from Greek T.E.I. having analogous specializations are also eligible for admittance.

The courses are taught in English and the duration of the program is three (3) semesters.